How to change the date type to the form of the desired character

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January 21, 2023
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When using MYSQL, there are many times when the column of the date type is changed to the form of a character. The MYSQL function used in that case is a function called date_format. As shown below, you can output a variety of date data.

SELECT date_format(now(),'%m/%d/%y') AS DATE FROM DUAL
-- Result) 09/14/23
  • now() is a function that returns the current time as a date type.

Time is also available.

SELECT date_format(now(),'%H:%i:%S') AS DATE FROM DUAL
-- Result) 18:20:32

Date and time can be printed at the same time.

SELECT date_format(now(),'%m/%d/%y %H:%i:%S') AS DATE FROM DUAL
-- Result) 09/14/22 18:21:46




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